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    Coracle Ride

The coracle is a small, lightweight boat of the sort traditionally used in Wales but also in parts of world including India. Oval in shape and very similar to half a nut shell. The structure has a keel- less, flat bottom to evenly spread the weight of the boat and its load across the structure and to reduce the required depth of water – often to only a few inches, making it ideal for use on rivers. Each coracle is unique in design, as it is tailored to the river conditions where it was built and intended to be used. In general there is one design per river, but this is not always the case. They are an effective fishing vessel because, when powered by a skilled person, they hardly disturb the water or the fish, and they can be easily maneuvered with one arm, while the other arm tends to the net; two coracles to a net. The Coracle Society is a UK-based organization, founded in 1990.

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